Meeting Place. What would happen….

What would happen if we had swarm board development at BackSpace on a day other than Dorkbot Monday. Granted, lead and food don’t go together. There is not a lot of exposure to lead.  The meeting at the University was low key enough that I don’t think anyone would mind too much if we did the same thing on a slightly smaller scale. Limit people placing parts on boards to 4 and “baking” to 4 at the same time.  And, the process is close to smoke free. That might allow more people access to the venue without much hassle.

One thought on “Meeting Place. What would happen….”

  1. Reflow soldering has occurred at Backspace before, but I’d feel uncomfortable about leading a group build there. bRainSilo is a much better venue for this. We could certainly work on less messy/toxic parts of the project at BackSpace though.

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