New to the Portland area, therefore, new to the Parts group.

I’m currently working on a rather large robot that will use several microprocessors. I have just added AVR processors to the list of processors that I work with. Now to get them to all talk together. More later as I am sitting in the April meeting now…..

Meeting Place. What would happen….

What would happen if we had swarm board development at BackSpace on a day other than Dorkbot Monday. Granted, lead and food don’t go together. There is not a lot of exposure to lead.  The meeting at the University was low key enough that I don’t think anyone would mind too much if we did the same thing on a slightly smaller scale. Limit people placing parts on boards to 4 and “baking” to 4 at the same time.  And, the process is close to smoke free. That might allow more people access to the venue without much hassle.