Pete Skeggs

Hi, welcome to my PARTS page.  I’ll share various presentations I’ve given, information about my robots, and other fun stuff.


My Robots:

  • Cloverbot
    tricycle steered robot with 68hc11 controller, closed loop speed and steering control, IR remote-control obstacle sensors, speech synthesizer
  • Trashbot
    cylindrical robot with laser cut frame, high resolution encoders, large wheels, two casters with suspension, servo-articulated lid, transh can outer skin
  • Lil’PICcy
    micro sumo, using custom PIC controller with TI SN754410 motor driver, two hacked microservos, hand made wheels, dual lithium batteries, three line sensors, two IS471F object sensors; ran 4 different robot programs, including sumo, line following, wall following, and avoider
  • PICaPek
    second version of Lil’PICcy; better motors, additional Sharp IR ranger
  • Stellaluna
    mini sumo with high torque, fast standard size servos, wheels made from inkjet printer paper feed wheels, 3P2S lithium cell pack, Mr. Robot-brand analog output sonar ranger, Lil’PICcy controller board
  • AD1519
    SRS RoboMagellan entry for 2005 PDXBOT
  • AwOL
  • LineDiviner
  • MyBot
  • Wiggles
  • RedHex
  • RogueBlue
  • Viper
  • Pleo(!)

Cool links:

Hizook!: excellent robotics blog by a Georgia Tech graduate student a great source of up to date robotics news

2 thoughts on “Pete Skeggs”

  1. Hey Pete delete this comment…
    Just wanted to mention that it’s better to list stuff in reverse chronological order. It makes more sense to new people. Still looking for the tool that will allow me to create a member page. 😉

  2. Pete,

    I got to your site through a general search in Portland to find robotic help. I built a motorized couch and although the steering works I want to improve it. I am not an engineer and have been trying to teach myself, but am having issues with programming a controller for a linear actuator. I have the actuator a controller and the software they sent. Would you or do you know anyone who might like to help. I could compensate some for the time. You might also want to bring to couch to one of your events or something. My e-mail is for anyone who might be interested in finding out.



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