Mouse Sensor Board Build (3/3/2012)

What: Build up some optical mouse sensor boards using the ADNS-2620 sensor described in this previous blog entry.
This will involve some hot-plate reflow soldering using stencils and solder paste, some through-hole soldering, and testing.
There are only 9 surface mount parts and 3 through-hole parts, so this is a relatively simple build.

When: During the normal March PARTS meeting (3/3/2012)
Meeting starts at 10:30am; we’ll probably start building at 11 or 11:30am after a short presentation and show-n-tell

Who: You!  But, we’re limited to only 12 boards + a couple extra.  First come first serve.

Cost: $7


  • A small desk lamp is very helpful
  • Magnification is very helpful (the smallest parts are 0603)
  • We could use a couple more soldering iron stations, power cords, and power strips
  • An Ardunio, if you have one, for testing out your sensor.  We’ll have an Arduino or two set up for testing as well.
  • A 4-pin 0.1″ jumper cable to connect the female 4-pin 0.1″ spaced square-pin header on the OptiMouse board to your Arduino


Schematic, layout and BOM here:

Eagle files:
ADNS_26XX_Breakout_A_2 (zip)

See you there!


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