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  1. I have a son, 8, who was tested and found to be just shy of “gifted” in manual manipulation. It was suggested to me to put him into a roboctics club, since it is something he is interested in. Do you allow children (parents present) to attend? Or do you know of a club in Clark County? As it is closer to our home.

    Thank you for your time,
    Janine Troyer
    Washougal, WA

  2. For some reason the system didn’t give me email notification for your January post until April…

    Anyways, children are allowed (and often present) at meetings. If your goal is to exercise manual manipulation skills, you might want to pick up a robot kit from somewhere (e.g., http://www.pololu.com/ or http://www.solarbotics.com/ or any number of other places you can find by searching for “robot kit”) so he can try assembling a robot, and either bring it to a meeting to get any needed help or to just show it off when he finishes it. (If it’s a mini sumo robot kit, then his robot can compete in sumo competitions if the club is still holding them — I haven’t attended a meeting in a while.)

    The two closest other robotics clubs I remember hearing about are Southern Oregon Robotics Society and Seattle Robotics Society.

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