BrushBotComm board build follow-up Monday

The bRainSilo remodel progress is looking good for a group project meeting on Monday, so we’ll follow-up on the BrushBotComm board build we started a couple Saturdays ago.  We’ll continue assembling boards for those that didn’t get theirs built last time, and hopefully we can start programming them.

Time: Monday 3/22, 7:00pm
Location: bRainSilo:

  • BrushBotComm boards if you already have them, built or not
  • Money if you haven’t paid for boards/parts yet
  • Soldering iron — if you have a decent one with a fine tip.  We still need to solder up some programming cables.
  • Desk lamp if you can — we didn’t really have enough light last time
  • Vision enhancement devices — I’ll bring my stereo-microscope and what magnifiers I have, but I think we could have used more last time

See you Monday!

Author: montyg

Electronics Engineer

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