Project Meeting — December 14, 2009

(Notes by Mark Gross)

We had a light turn out.  6 bodies and one talking head (Monty skyped
into the room)

We opened with a quick round of “do you have a project you want collaboration
on?” and then dropped into swarm robot communications and high level
requirements discussions.



FWIW : I talked a bit about wanting to resurrect the AHRMS project I
helped start 2 years ago.  There is a mailing list and a wiki


The rest of the night was about features and communication technology
options for a swarm module.

We got a quick intro to the NEC IR protocol for channel changers from

Peat.  We talked about how the IR can provide comms, and proximity

We started into blue sky thinking about RF and ultra-sonics.

Finally we up-leveled the discussion to requirements.
Must haves:
state transmit / receive
message passing / routing
proximity detection with some directional info

Then I had to bail at 8:30 because of a “day-job” meeting I had to call
into. BTW that 9pm meeting was canceled on me at 8:55pm.  (very classy)

We should be thinking more about the communications module requirements,
and start thinking about behavioral requirements for what it means to be
a member of a swarm.

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