BrushBotComm programming with a Teensy

With Arduino 0018 or higher, any Arduino can be used as an ISP programmer. The Teensy2.0 is convenient for this purpose because it is a USB based Arduino, is small, and we can get some cosmetically defective (but fully functional) ones for cheap since Paul, the Teensy’s creator is local.


Program the Teensy2.0

  1. If you haven’t used the Teensy yet, follow Paul’s instructions on setting up Teensy support in the Arduino environment.
  2. Plug in the Teensy to your computer
  3. Download this modified version (TeensyISP_v0.1.tar.gz or of the ArudinoISP example sketch and open itModifications include:
    • Pin changes to support the Teensy2.0
    • Enabling Arduino pin 4 as an output driven high to power the BrushBotComm board via the ISP cable. This keeps the ISP cable connection to the Teensy nice and simple, but will not be capable of providing much current to the target board. It should be enough for the BrushBotComm board, however.
  4. Choose the “Teensy 2.0 (USB Serial)” option from the Tools->boards menu
  5. Verify and download the sketch

Build a programming cable


  1. 6-pin .050″ socket — You should have received one with your BrushBotComm board. If you only have a 5-pin socket, then trade me for a 6-pin one.
  2. 6-pin .100″ socket — I have some, but these can also be readily obtained from DigiKey, or locally from SurplusGizmos and probably RadioShack???
  3. 6-pin .100″ header — ditto as the socket
  4. 6-conductor ribbon cable — I have some

Wire up the ribbon cable between the 0.05″ and 0.100″ sockets as shown:I used heatshrink over the 0.100″ socket solder connections, but hot glue works as well.The solder connections on the 0.050″ socket should be hot-glued as well for strain relief after the cable has been tested.Install the 0.100″ header into the Teensy and plug the cable on with the orientation shown below:

Program the BrushBotComm board

  1. If you haven’t set up the Arudino IDE for the BrushBotComm board yet, then follow these instructions
  2. In the Arduino IDE, select the BrushBotComm/Blink_BrushBot sketch.
  3. Select the “BrushBotComm board w/ ArudinoISP” option from the tools/boards menu.
  4. If you have batteries installed in your BrushBotComm board, or if you have an external supply connected, make sure the BrushBotComm board power switch is off.
  5. Plug the 0.050″ side of the cable onto the BrushBotComm board with the red wire aligned with the pin-1 indicator on the board (Picture coming…)
  6. Verify and download your code

2 thoughts on “BrushBotComm programming with a Teensy”

  1. Any helpful feedback for the following error that occurs during ISP programming using Auduino 0018 IDE?

    avrdude: please define PAGEL and BS2 signals in the configuration file for part ATtiny44
    avrdude: Yikes! Invalid device signature.
    Double check connections and try again, or use -F to override
    this check.

  2. The first message about PAGEL and BS2 is expected — something that we’re all seeing, but not something I’ve looked into. It should work despite this message.

    The 2nd error is definitely a problem though. What does your setup look like? Teensy2.0 programmed w/ TeensyISP? Programming cable as shown above? BrushBotComm board w/ or w/o transistors?
    Did you select the board option of “BrushBot Comm Board via Arduino ISP”?
    Was your TeenyISP, programming cable, and BrushBotComm board tested out yet at one of the project meetings?


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