Swarms to learn from

This page is to collect links and info to other swarms, whether robotic, biological, or other that we can learn from.  Where possible, include links to research papers, videos, websites, etc.

  • Formica Project
    • Open Source (GPL/CC-BY-SA), design files readily available (it appears)
    • Simple, cheap
    • TI MSP430 micro based
    • PARTS summary
  • Jasmine (part of iSwarm project)
    • Open Source (GPL-noncommercial), not all of design readily available?
    • Moderately sophisticated, moderate costs
    • AVR Mega168 micro based
  • Swarm-bots
    • License?
    • Highly sophisticated, self-assembling, looks expensive
    • XScale + 13 PIC subprocessors
    • Generated dozens of swarm-robotics papers over four years and is the basis for a number of other swarm robotics projects
  • Swarmanoid
    • License?
    • Highly sophisticated, heterogeneous swarm consisting of roving foot-bots, climbing hand-bots, and flying eye-bots
    • Numerous white papers over three years
    • Based off Swarm-bots research
  • LumiNet
    • License?
    • A lighting network based on atTiny microcontrollers (not a swarm but concepts may be useful)
    • Supports “programming by infection” for distributing code updates
    • Utilizes Bynase protocol for communication

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