Project meeting July 12

Last time Scott and I got four or five BrushBots running around in an arena with comm boards attached — one configured as a transmitter and the others as receivers. We only had simple RX and TX code running, but the receivers were picking up messages quite frequently; much better than we were expecting, actually.
But just five bots isn’t too exciting. It’s time to get a bigger swarm together and develop better message passing code! Bring your brushbots, bring your comm boards and let’s swarm!

While Scott and I hearded bots around, Tim got his steering control of the brushbots (a homemade toothbrush-head based bot in his case) working. The really cool thing is that he’s only using a single vibrating motor, yet still getting steerability! Come on Tim… Hurry up and upload the details on how you’re doing this!

Hope to see you all tonight,

7pm, bRainSilo:


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