BrushBotComm board build follow-up Monday

Yes, there is another PARTS Project meeting tonight!

Time: Monday 4/5, 7:00pm
Location: bRainSilo:

We will be continuing with the BrushBotComm boards — soldering on the final components, including the missing IR LED resistors and the IR
LED’s themselves; making programming cables; and learning how to load code onto them.

As I mentioned in this blog entry the ArdunioISP should work well for a programmer, and hopefully as a serial link for debugging.  So, if you have a spare Arduino that you can use for a programmer, bring it.  Or, I have a handful of cosmetically defective (but fully functional) Teensy2.0’s available for really cheap.

*BrushBotComm boards and extra parts you’ve received.
*Soldering iron — if you have a decent one with a fine tip.  This is especially important this meeting as we have a fair amount of hand soldering to do.
*Desk lamp if you can — we didn’t really have enough light last time
*Vision enhancement devices — I’ll bring my stereo-microscope and what magnifiers I have, but I think we could have used more last time
*Money for Arduinos if you need one for programming.
*Laptop if you have one to use for programming.


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