BrushBotComm Arduino support

Good news!  The latest version of Arudino (0018) makes it relatively easy to target the tiny44 we’re using on the BrushBotComm boards.   I’ll get the necessary files up tomorrow.  This update won’t include a bootloader though.  Given the limited program space of the tiny44, we’d be better off using ISP programming anyways, and obtaining a cheap ISP programmer just got a bit easier with the ArduinoISP example sketch include in Arduino 0018!

Also, if you have the smaller BrushBotComm board (w/o the transistors), hold off on installing the 5-pin programming header if it’s not too late already.  It turns out that a 6-pin header can be easily installed with the tail of the extra pin bent over such that it can be soldered to the V+ pin on either the switch or D5.  This will allow the small board to match the pinout of the big board, and allow either board to be powered by the programmer.  I’ll trade your 5-pin connectors for 6-pin connector the next time we meet.


Update 3/26/2010:
Arduino support code and instructions added here: brushbotcomm-board-software

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