Venue Update! 2/8/10 Group project meeting

Tomorrow’s group project meeting (Mon 2/8/10; 7pm) will be held at bRainSilo — a newly opened hacker-space by the Rose Garden arena.

The reason for this and the late notice is rather unfortunate.  TechShop is getting evicted and is not available as a meeting place.  Open Tech Space, who’s resources we were using, is still very much alive, but homeless at the moment.

As bRainSilo is brand new, the space is still a bit rough, and there is no sign out front yet.
The entrance is in the alley way off of N Kerby Ave between N Tillamook and N Thompson streets in front of parking spot 50 or 51.  Google Map
I’ll put a sign out on the door.
Come check it out and let me know what you think.  It may be an option for future meetings.


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2 thoughts on “Venue Update! 2/8/10 Group project meeting”

  1. Ah man! This is such a bummer since I really enjoyed the last (and my first) group project meeting I attended a couple of weeks ago… 🙁

    I hope PARTS is able to find another site on the westside soon! I really want to get a few of these swarm-bots built (like 3 or 4 or 5). 🙂

  2. Hi Chris,

    It seems we need a venue up on the hill… It’s difficult to get down-towner’s and eastsider’s over the hill into the “boonies” and it’s difficult to get west-siders downtown. I would encourage you try to come, even it you’re a little late — it’s only about a 20min drive from Beaverton if traffic isn’t bad, and usually by 6:45 it’s not too bad. bRainSilo is right off of I-5 — just take 405 north ->I5 south -> 1st exit -> and a couple more turns.

    Hope you and other westsiders can still make it!

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