3 thoughts on “Welcome to PARTs collaborative space.”

  1. Is pdxbot ever going to get up and running again? WE MISS IT! Both my son & I thought moving it away from PSU was a mistake – I hope that’s not what killed it. We’d love to participate if it gets going again or be on a mailing list (unfortunately we’re in Vanc and have too much going on with Scout meetings and schoolwork to attend PARTS mtgs).

    Thanks to anyone that answers –

    Missy Thompson

    1. Missy — I’m so sorry that I missed this comment of yours way back in January! I’ll email you separately with this same information, but basically, I think what killed it was a number of factors — fewer people building robots, too much work to do by too few volunteers led to burn out, and those same volunteers tended to be the only people that were building robots.

      I do miss PDXbot and enjoyed the PSU location. Perhaps we can pull one off again some day.

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